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Webinar ORS Consulting Graduate Program 2023


Do you want to learn about what it is like to work as a risk and safety consultant, and gain insight from actual projects? Apply to our Graduate Program!

ORS Consulting is a consultancy providing industrial risk management advisory and training in multiple sectors, including oil and gas, renewables, transportation, aquaculture, and the defense industry. Our consultants work with leading players to solve complex challenges.

This webinar will introduce you to the ORS Graduate Program, which allows graduates to quickly adapt to and succeed in the advisory role during their first year of employment.

As any new member of the ORS team, you will be exposed to projects in multiple sectors, focusing on building a broad knowledge base within industrial risk management.

In addition, our Graduate Program includes mentorship, as well as training courses and seminars on selected topics (e.g., technical competence development, social selling, and how to succeed as a consultant).

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