ORS provides highly-specialized risk management advisory, performs in-house studies and conducts independent 3rd party verifications as well as contracting subject matter experts. Since 2009, ORS has been involved in many different assignments around the world where we created value for our Clients by using risk as a central toolbox. The examples in this section are extracted from the full reference lists in different areas. 

Renewables/Low Carbon

  • Client: Global Hydrogen Company providing hydrogen solutions covering the entire value chain from hydrogen production technologies to fuelling stations

  • Examples: Technical Risk Management and Risk-based Uptime Availability/Production Assurance (HAZID, HAZOP, FMECA, RAM, SIL, SRS, Fault Tree Studies)

  • Client: Joint venture (Public Sector / Global Energy Company) 

  • Examples: Health-, Safety- and Environmental (HSE) Management, Technical Risk and Safety Assessments for a major Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) development project in Scandinavia

  • Client: Leading producer of high-quality synthetic fuels and chemical products based on non-recyclable plastic waste

  • Examples: Technical Risk and Safety Engineering Support for development of Client’s synthetic fuels production plants

Chemicals, Oil and Gas

  • Client: Multinational Energy Company, headquartered in Europe

  • Examples: Business Continuity Risk Assessment following a major cyber attack

  • Client: Specialty Chemicals Company in Sweden

  • Examples: Process Safety Management, Technical Risk and Safety Studies for chemical  plants in Sweden and other locations around the world

  • Client: Energy Company in Norway

  • Examples: Risk-Based Interface Management Support for industrial development project activites in the United Kingdom and Norway

  • Client: State-owned operator of European gas distribution pipeline

  • Examples: Production Assurance and RAM Analysis Support to secure high uptime availabilty for European Gas Distribution

Chemicals, Oil and Gas
Power and Utilities

Power and Utilities

  • Client: International Utility & Services Company

  • Examples: Risk-Based Maintenance (RBM) Training for Water Desalination & Power Plant in United Arab Emirates

  • Client: Water and Power Company in Aruba, owned by Government of Aruba

  • Examples: Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for Power & Water Expansion Project

  • Client: Global Engine Power Plant Supplier 

  • Examples: Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRA) for power plant projects in many countries including Oman, Indonesia, US Virgin Islands and El Salvador


  • Client: European defence company for mid-range to short-range moving target technologies

  • Examples: Reliability & Fault Tree Assessments as a part of Product Development Support for civil and military use

  • Client: European defence and security company

  • Examples: Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)/Safety & Reliability Engineering Support as a part of various defence technology deliverables

Aquaculture and Food

  • Client: Major Norwegian producer of Atlantic salmon

  • Examples: Risk and Safety Assessments during project and operations phase for innovative fish farming concepts on exposed locations.

  • Client: Design and Engineering Company in Norway

  • Examples: Fish Escape Analyses for pilot fish farming concept for open sea locations and harsh environmental conditions.  


  • Client: Leading global shipowner Company

  • Examples: Procedure HAZOP for marine operations

  • Client: Maritime Design and Engineering Company in Norway

  • Examples: Mooring Risk Assessment for Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) drilling operation in tropical cyclone basin.

  • Client: Multinational Energy Company, headquartered in Europe

  • Examples: Dropped Object and Trawling Risk Assessments as part of establishing protection strategies and safe load handling areas.

Technology Industries

  • Client: Leading supplier of fire prevention systems including detectors and suppression systems

  • Examples: Functional Safety Expert Support in connection with validation and certification of flame detectors

  • Client: European multi-disciplinary research facility based on the world’s most powerful neutron source

  • Examples: Risk and Safety Engineering Support development of major, multi-disciplinary research center in Scandinavia

  • Client: European Start-up developing unmanned surface vessel supporting autonomous underwater vehicles

  • Examples: Risk and Reliability Engineering Support/FMECA as a part of technology development/qualification process

Transportation and infrastructure

  • Client: Public Transport System Operator in Scandinavia

  • Examples: Safety Engineering & RAMS Support for multiple public transport system projects & activities

Transportation and infrastructure