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Aquaculture sector



Aquaculture, also called fish farming or mariculture refers to the controlled farming of fishes and cultivation of other aquatic organisms. ORS has a strong track record in supporting offshore and inshore aquaculture concepts, with strong subject matter expertise and fit-for-purpose tools.  ORS has provided highly specialized risk-, safety- and reliability services to some of the most complex- and advanced aquaculture projects in the world.

Aquaculture sector

How do We add Value?

ORS is a trusted advisor to its clients, helping them, to make robust decisions. In-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework in combination with broad risk management expertise enable ORS to help our clients realize Aquaculture opportunities outside the realm of conventional fish farming.


Some of the services that we can provide to add value to your projects include:

  • Technical safety and risk management support towards novel fish farming concepts, involving new risks in a more complex context.

  • System reliability and availability studies providing necessary decision support for concepts with increased system criticality or reduced financial margins.

  • Barrier management studies for key hazards to identify weaknesses in design or operation and demonstrate a robust barrier set-up towards regulatory bodies and other stakeholders.  

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Some example projects

Client: Leading Producer of Farmed Salmon, Norway

Project: Risk and Barrier Assessments for complex fish farming concepts during project phase and operation in Norway  


Client: Multinational Engineering Company, Norway

Project: Establishing risk-based decision support towards concept selection for complex fish farming concept

Our Services and Tools

A non-exhaustive list of services ORS provides includes:


  • Fish escape risk assessments.

  • Barrier management assessments, including bowtie analysis and barrier strategies.

  • Hazard identification (HAZID) studies.

  • Technical safety services.

  • Reliability, availability, and criticality studies.   


ORS has all the necessary tools to deliver specialist advisory services for the aquaculture sector commensurate with the context and client requirements, including BowTie XP and Miriam RAM Studio.

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