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Chemical, process and materials


Chemicals, Process, and Materials

ORS has a solid track record of providing risk management and process engineering advisory to many leading companies in the chemicals, process, and materials industry.  


ORS supports many different Clients and the sectors within the broader process industry. In addition, ORS has been supporting companies who are in the specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and consumer products segments.


ORS provides also industrial risk management services Clients who develop energetic materials, active materials, and rare earth materials. 

Some examples of project engagements

Client: Leading Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer, Sweden

Project: Process Safety and Technical Safety Support for multiple sites in Europe, Asia and United States

Client: Leading multinational paint and coatings producer, Sweden

Project: Process Safety and Risk Assessment Support for different sites in Europe 

Client: Leading multinational polyethylene and polypropylene supplier, Finland, Sweden

Project: Process Safety, Process Engineering and System Availability Support for modification projects including arbitration processes

Client: Leading European green battery cells and scalable battery systems manufacturer

Project: Process Safety Advisory Services for battery research and production facilities   

Client: Multinational pharmaceutical company, Denmark

Project: Functional Safety, Process Safety and Risk Assessment support for multiple modification projects  

Client: Multinational Engineering Company, Norway  

Project: Technical Risk and Safety Assessments for offshore green hydrogen & ammonia production on a floating unit offshore (Asia)  

Client: World-leading fertilizer company and provider of environmental & agricultural solutions, Norway   

Project: Process Safety, HAZOP, SIL Assessments for multiple sites and projects in Norway and United Kingdom

Client: Manufacturer of high-quality rare-earth elements (REE), Norway 

Project: Process Safety, HAZOP and SIL advisory for new REE production plant in Norway

Client: Leading European space launch service provider for small and medium-sized satellites, Germany

Project: Technical Safety and Process Safety support for the Norwegian and Swedish launch-pad projects 

available commercial tools:



  • Miriam RAM

  • Bow-tie XP

  • Aspen HYSYS

  • Flaresim

  • Symmetry Process Simulation

  • CARA Fault Tree

available NON-commercial tools:

  • Onshore QRA Software for Risk Integration (ISO curves / F-N curves)

  • Offshore QRA Software

  • Consequence Modelling

  • Hazardous Area Classification (ORS-HAC)

  • Thermodynamic/Process Studies

ORS also has access to an extensive in-house data collection in addition to subscriptions to recognized national/international data sources.

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