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Safety and Compliance


Safety and Compliance

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Safety Management a fundamental activity for all projects and asset operations. Regardless of industries, a project needs to fulfil technical risk related requirements from local and regional authorities, international standards and end clients. Navigating the complexity of regulatory compliance requires both experience and a specific skillset in safety management. ORS frequently supports projects, from early concept to, and including, operational phase with safety management. This includes activities such as:

Establish the regulatory framework that defines all relevant legal and contractual requirements;​

Prepare a HSE road map for a project or throughout asset lifecycles;​

​Follow-up and manage technical risk management activities. This includes liaison with various stakeholders and contractors, follow-up of third-party studies, ensuring involvement from all relevant disciplines, and ensuring continuity in the risk management activities.

Safety and Compliance Related Studies

Project Risk Assessment  

Project risk assessment is a hands-on application of risk management to ensure that a project is meeting its targets in terms of cost, schedule and HSE. It includes identification of project risks, continuous monitoring and adjustments, as well as identification of measures to control the risk. Project risk assessment allows businesses to make the best choice from the available options needed to achieve a project’s objective.

Risk-based interface management  

Risk-based interface management involves defining, controlling, and communicating information needed to make unrelated services, processes, or equipment co-function. Risk-based interface management assesses and mitigates the possible risks when working with contractors, subcontractors, and clients.

Operational Readiness Review  

An Operational Readiness Review (ORR) is a thorough, proof-based appraisal of the project state before entering operation. ORRs are undertaken to ensure that all activities during engineering process are completed, all critical systems been tested and validated and confirm correct handover to operations. The ORR is a final validation to ensure a safe transition to operational phase for project deliverables.

Cybersecurity risk assessment 

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment serves as a pivotal section of the modern company. Modern companies tend to create operations on a technological platform and, as such, are exposed to the risk of hackers and loss of data. Cybersecurity risk assessment is performed to expose an organization’s vulnerabilities to such attacks and provide solutions.

Regulatory Compliance  

In all industries, all businesses needs to comply with regulations from local and regional authorities, industry standards and requirements from end clients within the area of safety and HSEQ. Regulatory compliance is a continuous activity ensuring that relevant requirements are identified, and that the correct decisions are made to avoid delays, business interruptions or accelerated costs.

HSE Road Map

The HSE Road Map is an activity and document prepared in the initial phase of a project to ensure that the regulatory requirements are identified and that the technical risk management activities are planned to ensure efficient project execution and compliance with HSE-related requirements.

Safety Strategy

The Safety Strategy is a cornerstone of safety design in a project, and is comparable with a technical design basis of a project. The safety strategy links hazard identification, risk analyses, safety studies, and the technical safety design, demonstrating that adequate safety barriers are in place.

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