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Power and Utilities sector


Power and Utilities

The power and utilities sector faces many challenges in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing secure, reliable, and affordable services. ORS supports power and utility companies with the provision of to-the-point technical risk management and process engineering advisory and training services to achieve improved safety and operational performance.

Some examples of project engagements

Client: Combined Power Plant and Desalination Unit, United Arab Emirates   

Project: Technical and Operational Risk Management Training

Client: Regional Power and Utility Company, Sweden

Project: Technical Safety and Regulatory Compliance Support for new hydrogen production facility

Client: Public Power and Utility Company in Aruba

Project: Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and C-HAZOP for Power Plant Expansion Project

Client: Power Plant Technology Supplier, Finland  

Project: Provision of Functional Safety, Process Safety and Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) services for multiple power plant development projects around the world

Client: Power and Utility Supplier, Denmark   

Project: Technical Safety and Risk Analysis Support for multiple projects including offshore wind sector and hydrogen production plants

Client: Electrical and Utility Supplier, Colombia

Project: Provision of training: technical risk assessments, electrical HAZOP etc.

Client: Multinational Engineering and Technology Company, Sweden

Project: Technical Risk Management Studies for Offshore Wind Power Development Projects in Germany

Client: Leading Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Company, Denmark

Project: RAM Analysis, HAZOPs, HAZIDs and Technical Safety Support for multiple Offshore Wind development projects in Americas, Asia, and Europe.

available commercial tools:



  • Miriam RAM

  • Bow-tie XP

  • Aspen HYSYS

  • Flaresim

  • Symmetry Process Simulation

  • CARA Fault Tree

available NON-commercial tools:

  • Onshore QRA Software for Risk Integration (ISO curves / F-N curves)

  • Offshore QRA Software

  • Consequence Modelling

  • Hazardous Area Classification (ORS-HAC)

  • Thermodynamic/Process Studies

ORS also has access to an extensive in-house data collection in addition to subscriptions to recognized national/international data sources.

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