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Chemical & Process Engineering involves the design, optimisation and operation of industrial scale processes for the safe manufacture of useful products and materials. From onshore chemicals production to offshore oil and gas, Chemical and Process engineers are at the heart of an organisations technical capability for delivery of business, safety and environmental performance.

ORS have an expert chemical and process engineering team supported by a range of state of the art software tools and techniques to help our clients get the most from their assets.  This includes activities are studies such as:

  • Development of process schemes and improvements to maximise production and ensure safe operation.

  • Creation and management of Digital Twins, Shadows and Models using live plant data where available.

  • Dynamic simulation of new or existing plants to improve performance and explore equipment, set-point and other design changes.

  • Software: Aspen HYSYS; SLB Symmetry, Flaresim, PHAST,  CFD & FEA (ANSYS)

Chemical Plant

Chemical & Process Related Studies

Heat & Mass Balance Development

Development of process heat and mass balance through equipment selection and optimisation to maximise production and minimise energy requirements.  Arange of process simulation software is available to complete this including Aspen HYSYS and SLB Symmetry.

Equipment Optimisation

Individual unit operation assessments completed to help improve performance and ensure business demands are being met.  This can range from traditional vessel, valve and pump sizing/costing through to more advanced analysis to study local heat, mass, and momentum effects using CFD & FEA.

Digital Twins

Development of digital models which reflect the as-built condition of chemical and process plants to identify performance and profit improvements.  These can be developed into Digital Shadows and Twins with the capability of updating set-points through DCS to realise improvements and business performance.

Flare, Venting, Relief, & Blowdown System Performance

Safe disposal of fluids in an emergency situation is an essential part of any process plant design. Hence flare systems are considered safety-critical. We use Flare System Analyzer and other industry-standard tools to ensure back-pressures, velocities, momentum, flare tip radiation, and low-temperature material design constraints are all met.

Dynamic Process Simulation

Dynamic simulation of a process plant behaviour to better understand the effects of failures and the ability of the design to safely address these failures.

Overpressure Protection assessment

Different combinations of instrumented and mechanical overpressure protection systems exist in all process plant designs. Vessel and piping design reviews, relief valve sizing and selection to the requirements of API 520/521/526, and reliability assessments of instrumented systems under IEC61511 are all necessary to ensure the system is suitably protected.

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