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Safety Integrity Level. What is SIL and when it is required


SIL (Safety Integrity Level) is a key concept in the field of Functional Safety.

Watch the replay of this webinar to learn more about functional safety, SIL, and when they should be applied.

What is SIL and when to use it
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If you missed our recent SIL webinar, don't worry. We've created a PowerPoint file with all the questions and answers covered during the session. You can download it to catch up on what you missed.

What is SIL and when to use it_Follow-up
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​It is a metric used to measure the level of integrity to be achieved by Electric / Electronic / Programmable electronic safety functions used to prevent or mitigate hazardous events in multiple industries, such as oil & gas, pharmaceutical, nuclear, chemical, and many others, as defined in international standard IEC 61508, and industry-specific standards such as IEC 61511.

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