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Risk-based Cyber Security Assessments

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

ORS Consulting (ORS) uses risk as a central toolbox to prevent accidents and improve operational performance. We have been supporting asset-intensive industries by providing highly specialized risk and safety advisory for the last 10 years. We support multiple asset-intensive sectors with complex and high-risk operations.

Cyber security threats are typically considered from a potential for significant economic loss and downtime for assets and services. However, cyber security hazards can also cause catastrophic consequences in terms of loss of human life and environmental damage. Therefore, an increasing number of regulators-, international standards organizations, and classification societies publish specific cyber security standards and guidance documents. For complex and safety-critical industries, identification and assessment of cyber security hazards should be seen as a core competence and managed as a part of an integrated risk management framework.

ORS has seen an increasing demand for our services within cyber security risk assessments in the past years. We have successfully completed multiple assignments in Norway and abroad within the energy- and process sectors. Based on our extensive risk management background and experience from industrial cyber security projects, ORS has developed a methodology for the identification and assessment of cybersecurity risks in asset-intensive industries. The risk-based methodology has been developed to systematically examine cyber security hazards and threats for projects, assets, and complex operations. The approach utilizes our experience from numerous system-based risk assessments, combined with expertise in IT systems and cyber hazard identification.

For the risk-based cyber security assessment, ORS typically deploys a team consisting of specialists with risk management and information technology to sufficiently cover the multidisciplinary nature of the assignments. You are welcome to contact us to discuss how we could support your business.

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