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Environmental Risk Assessment (ENVID)

What is ENVID?

Environmental Impact Identification (ENVID) is a structured examination of environmental aspects for a facility for early identification of environmental concerns that may affect environment. The outcome of an ENVID is used to optimize the design and operational philosophy to minimize environmental impact. An ENVID is typically performed as a multi-discipline workshop.

Why perform an ENVID:

ENVID study is performed to;

  • Identify acute or continuous sources of emission, discharge and waste for an asset or activity;

  • Identify mitigating measures included in design to minimize environmental impact;

  • Propose further mitigating measures to prevent, reduce or control identified sources of emission, discharge and waste;

ENVID Study Methodology

The ENVID study is carried out as a multidisciplinary workshop with participants from relevant disciplines and operational personnel. The workshop comprises of discussion of environmental hazards consequences, and typically including a coarse risk assessment for each hazard raised, practice and procedures and barrier elements (the corresponding control and mitigation measures). The ENVID review follows a methodology analogous to a Hazard Identification (HAZID) .


The ENVID applies a set of guidewords suitable for identification of hazards and sources of emission, discharge and waste. Some examples of ENVID parameters and guidewords:

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