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What Works and Does Not Work – Vendor Package HAZOPs

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Vendor Package HAZOPs

Have you been to a Vendor Package HAZOP which ended up being a waste of time for all stakeholders? Delivering hundreds of HAZOPs in different sectors all year round, ORS facilitators share their advice for getting the most value from Vendor Package HAZOPs:

For the overall HAZOP coordinator/system responsible:

  • Be proactive, and ensure that all vendor drawings and information are included in the preparations and Terms of Reference (ToR).

  • Share the ToR document with all participants including Vendors in advance to allow preparations. One day is not enough. As a minimum allow 1 week.

  • If vendor P&ID legend is different from project P&ID legend, attach vendor P&ID legend to ToR.

  • Ensure that the Vendor representative is competent to answer the complex questions which can come up during the HAZOP. A sales representative may not always be the right person.

  • Allow Vendor representatives to participate in the HAZOP workshop 1-2 hours earlier so that they get used to the harmony in the group and become familiar with the expected level of details & brainstorming.

  • Arrange a pre-meeting with the Vendor representative in order to align expectations on presentations, and ensure that they attend with the correct personnel to objective with the session and expected contribution.

  • Plan for a post-HAZOP meeting with Vendor Representatives to align on the action follow-up & close-out including the contractual implications of recommended improvement points. Such discussions should not be held during the HAZOP.

For the Vendor representatives:

  • Work with the HAZOP coordinator to ensure that all vendor drawings are included in the ToR.

  • Ask for the final ToR from the HAZOP coordinator. Study the ToR carefully.

  • Think holistically and beyond the Vendor Package scope. Understand where Vendor Package delivery will fit in in the overall system design.

  • Determine the interfaces with the rest of the system. Study the process interfaces (temperature, pressure, flow, dimensions, piping spec, set points, etc.) as well as the operational restrictions.

  • Ensure that set points with signals to the appropriate systems (PCS/PSD/ESD) are included and shown on P&IDs.

  • Do not assume that the participants know the details about the Vendor Package.

  • Prepare simple presentations and illustrations for your system. If possible, distribute the representations to the HAZOP coordinator (and participants) in advance.

  • Do not be defensive. Act in harmony with the rest of the HAZOP team. Benefit from the opportunity to capture all relevant improvement points for the Vendor Package.

  • Most of the participants may not know (or care) about the contractual aspects. Avoid deep dives into the contractual requirements and focus on the technical aspects.

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