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Industrial risk management

Industrial risk management.

Improved safety and
Production performance.


Technical Safety and Risk Management

Technical Safety and Risk Management

Technical safety and risk management is the set of activities to identify hazards, assess and manage risks. Technical risk management is a fundamental part of all sectors and industries.


Safety and Compliance

Safety and Compliance management is about managing the technical risk of a project or asset operation to ensure regulatory compliance, having a robust HSE roadmap and to ensure efficient follow-up of technical risk activities and studies.

Barrier Management

Barrier Management

Barrier management is a system of risk monitoring and mitigation that helps organizations maintain the highest level of precaution against integrity breaches.



Our customizable training courses help organizations gain the necessary knowledge about how to manage a range of different hazardous work environments to ensure safe and efficient operations.

System Reliability and Availability

System Reliability and Availability

Reliability is a staple in most businesses. It is the probability that a component, part, system, or process performs correctly within a specified period.

Process Safety and SIL

Process Safety and SIL

Process safety focuses on preventing or mitigating loss of containment scenarios that could lead to fires, explosions, and accidental chemical releases at process facilities.

​Chemical & Process Engineering

Chemical & Process Engineering

Chemical & Process Engineering involves the design, optimisation and operation of industrial scale processes for the safe manufacture of useful products and materials. 

To-the-point risk management and process advisory

ORS Consulting (ORS) was established in 2009 as an independent and specialist provider of risk management advisory services. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our Clients avoid loss and achieve enhanced value creation. ORS risk management expertise plays a crucial role in protecting against an ever-increasing portfolio of threats that may hit them.







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As an employee in ORS Consulting, you will shape your brand within Scandinavia's leading industrial risk management company. You will be exposed to clients across sectors and countries, with the flexibility to manage your day and direction. 

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