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Functional Safety Assessment – An integral part of SIS development and modification projects

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

For projects where the Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are designed in accordance with IEC 61508/61511, at least one functional safety assessment (FSA) shall be performed prior to the identified hazards being present in order to comply with the requirements in the standards.

The FSA is normally carried out by a team of independent specialists specifically focusing on the overall Safety Instrumented System (SIS). In other words, the FSA team assesses the system from a system owner´s perspective – and not from a component supplier's perspective. The FSAs are conducted based on the requirements outlined in the applicable IEC standards, as well as potential additional requirements in technical standards from end-users (in this case; typically major operating companies) and other guidance documents such as OLF 070 in Norway.

Most oil companies have technical standards outlining how FSAs shall be performed. Typically, detailed requirements are given with regard to the frequency, timing, and methodology of the FSAs. Some companies perform 5 different FSAs throughout the lifecycle of the SIS.

Depending on the complexity of the system and the project phase, FSAs include an in-depth review and assessment of the working process including project deliverables and management systems. This is achieved by independent reviews, interviews with different stakeholders, and offshore surveys when required.

A well-planned and executed FSA can have a powerful impact in terms of improving safety and production performance. At ORS, we have a solid experience with regard to the planning and execution of FSAs in the oil industry. With our impartial and practical approach, our specialists do frequently carry out FSAs on Norwegian and international projects everywhere from traditional topside development to subsea work over and production systems. Contact our specialists to discuss how we can help your organization for a successful FSA.

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