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ORS Consulting acquires RCLD in Aberdeen

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

ORS Consulting (ORS), a Scandinavian industrial risk management advisory with offices in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, has acquired a majority of shares in RCLD, a specialist process engineering and process safety consultancy, based in Aberdeen, United Kingdom (UK). Following the acquisition, the RCLD team will be a part of the ORS team and Dr Neill Renton will continue as Country Manager in the UK.

“As RCLD becomes a part of ORS, we will be in a stronger position to support Clients in the UK. RCLD also expands ORS’s technical capabilities into process studies, training, and operational risk assessments. Also, considering the close collaboration between the companies in the last 4 years, the acquisition has been the next natural step for us to create more value for the ORS team and our Clients.“ says Baris Arslan, Managing Director of ORS.

“Becoming a part of the ORS team is an exciting chapter in the RCLD story. Both companies share similar values and objectives with a to-the-point approach to specialist advisory. We have complementary services and locations, and it makes perfect sense to build on our existing relationship and to work together as a one-team. Our goal is to grow in Aberdeen to support an exciting portfolio of projects in Scandinavia and the UK.” says Neill Renton, Founder and Director of RCLD.

Following the acquisition of RCLD, the ORS team will consist of more than 50 specialist advisors based in Oslo, Stavanger, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Esbjerg and Aberdeen.

For further information, please contact:

Baris Arslan, Managing Director, ORS Consulting, +46 73539 1827

Neill Renton, Country Manager, RCLD, +44 7388 948667

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